New access road proposed for Beacon Fen Energy Park 

Low Carbon has announced it is considering creating a new construction access road to the proposed Beacon Fen Energy Park, after receiving community feedback. 

Should it go ahead, the move would enable construction traffic to access the site from a new haul road, linking the A17 to Heckington Road, and joining it between Howell and Ewerby Road. 

Traffic and transport route concerns emerged as one of the top considerations during our early (non-statutory) consultation in May-June 2023. Stakeholders raised concerns over the viability of using some of the local road network for HGVs and construction traffic. Potential impacts on local residents living along possible construction routes and local traffic, including noise, safety and congestion, were also raised.   

James Hartley-Bond, Director at Low Carbon, said: “Low Carbon is mindful of the effect that this project may have on the local community during construction. In order to mitigate against the impact of traffic locally it is preferred to divert construction traffic away from the public highway where possible. We are therefore considering the possibility of constructing a new haul road to reduce the impact on the existing network.

“Numerous environmental and traffic surveys have been ongoing over the past few months, including traffic counters in key locations, to determine the viability of the local roads around the Beacon Fen Energy Park site for accommodating construction traffic associated with the project. This included considering one-way and two-way routes, and the possibility of building a bespoke construction access road to the site.”  

The project team is now writing out to landowners and those with an interest in the land in the vicinity of the new haul road in order to request access to carry out further surveys. The results of these environmental surveys will determine the viability of the haul road and will include further traffic monitoring.  

Low Carbon will be seeking the agreement of landowners to construct the preferred haul road on their land wherever possible.