About Low Carbon

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Founded in 2011, Low Carbon is a market leading privately-owned UK investment and asset management company specialising in renewable energy.

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Low Carbon creates large-scale renewable energy to fight climate change.

We’re building a net-zero energy company that will power tomorrow and protect the planet for future generations.

Low Carbon was established with one goal in mind: to make the biggest contribution we can in the fight against climate change.

Our commitment to the climate mission means we do not cut corners.

We manage every asset with care. We treat our communities as real partners. We hold ourselves to account. And we invest for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

Low Carbon Bee Hives

All of us at Low Carbon know that trust is a vital component of the climate fight.

We are a long-standing certified B-Corporation, a reflection of our fundamental ethos to balance the needs of the environment and society with our bottom line. And we always report on our goals and our business with transparency – this is core to who we are.

We can work together to build a completely renewable energy system that will be a profound legacy for the generations that follow us.
Low Carbon is on a mission. Together, we will power tomorrow.

* Low Carbon internal calculations using OFGEM Typical Domestic Consumption Values and BEIS Carbon Conversion Factors.