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Consultation Documents

Non Technical Summary

Non Technical Summary


00 Content, Glossary and Reference List

Content, Glossary and Reference List


01 Introduction


Appendix 1.1 Scoping Report

Appendix 1.2 Scoping Opinion

Appendix 1.3 Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Appendix 1.4 Ground Conditions Desk Study

Appendix 1.5 Statement of Expertise

Figure 1.1 Site Location Plan

Figure 1.2 Site Boundary Plan

Figure 1.3 Site Area Plan

Figure 1.4 Full Extents Layout

Figure 1.5 Indicative Mitigation Layout

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02 Proposed Development

Proposed Development


03 Alternatives &  Design Evolution

Alternatives &  Design Evolution

Figure 3.1 Alternative Cable Corridors

Figure 3.2 Site Layout Alternatives (Substation & BESS)

Figure 3.3 Alternative Access Routes

Figure 3.4 Initial Cable Corridor Refinement

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04 Scope & Methodology

Scope & Methodology

Appendix 4.1a Erratum

Appendix 4.1 Cumulative Assessment: Long List

Appendix 4.2 Cumulative Assessment: Short List

Figure 4.1 Cumulative Development: Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

Figure 4.2 Cumulative Development: Local

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05 Consultation



06 Landscape & Visual

Landscape & Visual

Appendix 6.1 Landscape and Visual Legislation and Policy

Appendix 6.2 Landscape and Visual Methodology

Appendix 6.3 Landscape Character

Appendix 6.4 Visual Assessment

Figure 6.1 Bareground Zone of Theoretical Visibility (Drawing ST19595/110);

Figure 6.2 Screened Zone of Theoretical Visibility (Drawing ST19595/111);

Figure 6.3 Topography (Drawing ST19595/112);

Figure 6.4 Sensitive Receptors and Designated Sites (Drawing ST19595/113);

Figure 6.5 Recreational Receptors (Drawing ST19595/107)

Figure 6.6 Landscape Character Regional Level (Drawing ST19595/114);

Figure 6.7 Landscape Character – Local level (Drawing ST19595/108);

Figure 6.8 Landscape Character – The Site (Drawing ST19595/109)

Figure 6.9 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 1 (Drawing ST19595/060)

Figure 6.10 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 2 (Drawing ST19595/061)

Figure 6.11 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 3 (Drawing ST19595/062)

Figure 6.12 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 4 (Drawing ST19595/063)

Figure 6.13 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 5 (Drawing ST19595/064)

Figure 6.14 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 6 (Drawing ST19595/065)

Figure 6.15 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 7 (Drawing ST19595/066)

Figure 6.16 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 8 (Drawing ST19595/067)

Figure 6.17 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 9 (Drawing ST19595/068)

Figure 6.18 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 10 (Drawing ST19595/069)

Figure 6.19 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 11 (Drawing ST19595/070)

Figure 6.20 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 12 (Drawing ST19595/071)

Figure 6.21 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 13 (Drawing ST19595/072)

Figure 6.22 Baseline Panorama Viewpoint 14 (Drawing ST19595/073)

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07 Ecology


Appendix 7.1 Legislation

Appendix 7.2 Planning policy

Appendix 7.3 Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Appendix 7.4 Great Crested Newt Habitat Suitability Index and eDNA Report

Appendix 7.5 Wintering Bird Report

Appendix 7.6 Breeding Bird Report

Appendix 7.7 Bat Activity Survey

Appendix 7.8 Badger Report

Appendix 7.9 Riparian Mammals Report

Figure 7.1 International Sites within 20km of the Site

Figure 7.2 SSSI within 10km of Site

Figure 7.3 Local Wildlife Sites within 2km

Figure 7.4 Ancient Woodland/Priority Habitat within 1km of the Site

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08 Cultural Heritage

08 Cultural Heritage

Appendix 8.1 Legislation and Policy

Appendix 8.2 Aerial Assessment Report

Appendix 8.3Geophysical Survey Reports

Appendix 8.4 Trial Trenching Update

Figure 8.1: Designated Heritage Assets within 5km

Figure 8.2: Solar Array Field Reference

Figure 8.3: Non-Designated Heritage Assets within 2km

Figure 8.4: Interim Trial Trenching Progress

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09 Access & Traffic

09 Access & Traffic

Appendix 9.1 Transport Planning Policy

Appendix 9.2 Access and Traffic Related Correspondence

Figure 9.1 Access Routes and most recent traffic counts

Figure 9.2 Forecasts of traffic on selected roads in 2028 and 2051

Figure 9.3 Locations of road traffic accidents

Figure 9.4 Construction related one-way heavy vehicle movements

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10 Noise & Vibration

10 Noise & Vibration

Appendix 10.1 Policy Legislation and Guidance

Appendix 10.2 Noise Survey Results

Figure 10.1 Proposed Site, Existing Noise Sensitive Receptors and Measurement Positions

Figure 10.2 Operational Noise Contours – Light Periods

Figure 10.3 Operational Noise Contours – Dark Periods

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11 Water Resources & Flood Risk

11 Water Resources & Flood Risk

Appendix 11.1 Flood Risk Assessment

Appendix 11.2 Hydrological Walkover Survey

Appendix 11.3 Abstractions within 2km of the Site

Appendix 11.4 Summary of Watercourse Crossings

Appendix 11.5 Planning Policy & Legislation

Figure 11.1 Surface Water Catchment

Figure 11.2  Abstraction and Discharges

Figure 11.3 Superficial Geology

Figure 11.4 Bedrock Geology

Figure 11.5 Site Walkover Photograph Locations

Figure 11.6 Watercourse Crossings

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12 Climate Change

Climate Change

Appendix 12.1 Climate Change Guidance and Legislation

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13 Glint


Appendix 13.1 Legislation, Policy and Guidance

Appendix 13.2 Zone of Theoretical Visibility

Appendix 13.3a ForgeSolar Glint Report: Road, Railway & Aviation

Appendix 13.3b ForgeSolar Glint Report: OPs1-40

Appendix 13.3c ForgeSolar Glint Report: OPs41-55

Appendix 13.4 Mathematical Equations

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14 Soils & Agricultural Land

Soils & Agricultural Land

Appendix 14.1: Agricultural Quality of Land at Beacon Fen North, Lincolnshire Report (Land Research Associates, 2023)

Appendix 14.2: Agricultural Land Classification Report, Beacon Fen (Wardell Armstrong, 2023)

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15 Socio-Economic


Appendix 15.1 Legislation, Policy and Guidance

Appendix 15.2  Consultation to Date

Figure 15.1 Direct Area of Influence

Figure 15.2 Indirect Area of Influence

Figure 15.3 Public Rights of Way

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16 Air Quality

Air Quality

Appendix 16.1 Legislation, Policy and Guidance

Appendix 16.2 Assessment Methodology

Appendix 16.3 Copies of Relevant Correspondence

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17 Summary




Other Documents